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25 ton hoist - offers from 25 ton hoist manufacturers


It is typical of unique optimal structure in shortening the distance between the machine body and the beam tracks, applicable to operations inside fairy low buildings, especially suitable for use in temporarily erected plant buildings or on the sites where expansion of effective hoisting spaces inside the buildings is required.


* Shell: Light aluminum alloy shell shall be adopted which is light but hard and fit for the use in the terrible work environment with a high heat dissipation rate and all tightness design.
* Inverse phase sequence protecting device: it is the special electrical installation which control the circuit not to work in case of wiring error in the power supply.
* Limit switch: The limit switch device is installed where the weight is lifted on and off to make the motor to stop automatically so as to prohibit the chains from exceeding for safety.
* 24V/36V device: it is used to prohibit the emergencies from occurring in case of the leakage in the switch.
* Side magnetic braking device: This device shall realize the instant brake in case of the power dump.
* Chain bag: It shall be light, handsome and durable.
* Chain: The chain shall adopt the imported FEC80 ultra heat-treatable aluminum alloy chain.

We manufacture Electric 25 ton Hoist in various specifications. Our Hoists are manufactured in a range of capacities and can easily be made as per the technical specifications.

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