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Manufacturer Portable Cantilever Hoists


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Portable Cantilever Hoists
Whenever you need to be able to hoist or lift a weighty object from the floor onto a higher level, having a lifting system that you can rely on is essential. Unfortunately, there are always situations where it is simply not possible to use conventional lifting gear such as jibs or fork lifts, and under these situations, when it is necessary to be able to raise a weight quickly, then a cantilever hoist is often the best choice.
These small portableJib crane are ideal for lifting heavy weights up to 4,000 pounds depending on the model, and are designed to be used in circumstances when other alternatives are unavailable. The high specification of the cantilever hoists offered makes them a formidable option for any workplace, and they provide a fully reliable and useful addition to any arsenal of equipment.

The standard cantilever Electric hoist is a well made and sturdy device that can be moved easily into place wherever it is required, and then can raise heavy weights effortlessly thanks to its heavy duty hand pumped hydraulic pump lifting system that can lift 2,000 pounds onto a truck in seconds.
The principal concern whenever lifting heavy objects on an uneven surface is to ensure stability. The basic design premise of a cantilever hoist is to include a heavy counter weight that opposes the load and ensures longitudinal stability in use. This use of a counterweight is backed up by a relatively wide chassis on fully lockable 8 inches by 2 inches phenolic casters.

In order to offer additional support under circumstances where it is required, the cantilever hoist also offers a set of easy to set out riggers that ensure lateral stability under almost any conditions. Optionally, a ballast can be added for counterbalance, for added stability for heavy duty tasks.

The boom on the hoist is hard wearing and designed to last. It sits on a 360 degree rotating joint to allow for a weight to be hoisted off the ground and then swung effortlessly into the back of a truck or onto a raised working surface.

The key to efficient and safe handling of any heavy weight is control, and the cantilever hoists offered by easy rack are designed with this in mind from the outset. Aside from the sealed hydraulic system that has been created to ensure maximum lift and smooth action, the release of the system is also restricted so that it does not just drop the object into place.

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