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Electric Chain Hoist With Electric Trolley


It is typical of unique optimal structure in shortening the distance between the machine body and the beam tracks, applicable to operations inside fairy low buildings, especially suitable for use in temporarily erected plant buildings or on the sites where expansion of effective hoisting spaces inside the buildings is required.

Talha elétrica tipo cadeia With Electric Trolley.


Electric chain hoist Features:
A.Capacities form 500kg to 5,000kg. Lifting Height 1t-3t form 3m to 12m. 5t form 3m to 7m
B.Quality chain is supplied by FEC Japan.
C.Most tensile safety hooks without break
D.Compact and high efficient motor with heat protection device
E.Push button is with 24V low voltage to guarantee safety.
F.Limit switch.
G.Single phase and three phase, Single Speed and Double Speed are all available.
H.European TUV, CE certified.
I.IP54 protection on Electric hoist for dust and water protection.

With suspension hook. push, geared or electric trolley.
Standard lift height 3 m, control cable 2.5m
Operating voltage 220-440V, 50/60Hz, 1-3 phase
Low voltage control 48V is standard.
High efficient energy-saving motor, asbestos free brake system.
Light weight, compact and solid body case.
Top and bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard. Jib crane, Bridge Crane
Drop forged steel suspension & load hooks are heat treated and fracture resistant.
In case of dangerous overloading or abuse, the hook does not fracture but will
slowly yield.

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